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The Grand Band from Eagle Land"

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Music Resource Links:

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http://www.goarts.org/index.html - music advocacy site.

http://www.amparents.org/ - site for parents with music students.

http://www.bandusa.com/ - American Band in Tyler TX, the music company that calls on Fairfield Bands.

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http://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/welcome.jsp - sheet music company.


The Fairfield ISD Band was created on August 28, 1934, the first band having only 32 members. In 1941, the first marching band program was organized and "Our Director March" was played as the school song, the same 'fight song' that the band uses today when the football team scores. A.C. Hart led a period of stability and building from 1949 to 1956.

From 1957 - 1978 directors changed almost every year until John Gordon Small took over from 1979 - 1998, giving the band the longest period of stability. Adam Bird took over next in 1998 and left in 2004. Mr. Small came out of retirement for a year to keep the band going and Mr. Harold Raney took the position of head band director in 2005. Bill Large is the current head band director, started in 2008.

Past Fairfield Head Directors

Mr. Frank Deason 1939-42, Mr. W.J. Botter 1943-44, Mr. A.C. Hart 1949-56, Mr. J.G. Long 1957, Mrs. Deloris Darrow 1958-61, Mr. L.C. Williamson 1962-66, Mrs. Theda Chavers 1967, Mr. W.J. Buchanan 1968-69, Mr. John Eubanks 1970, Mr. Lewis Phelps 1971-72, Mr. Ron Burns 1973-76, Mr. Howard Robertson 1977, Mr. Louis McHaffey 1978, Mr. John Gordon Small 1979-98, Adam Bird 1998-2004, Mr. Small 2004-2005, Harold Raney 2005-2008, Bill Large 2008-Present

"A Brief History of Fairfield High School Band 1939-97" John Gordon Small

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